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As a child or adolescent they have a lot going on and sometimes they don’t know how to deal with it, which is why we offer individual therapy. That is a process that focuses on growth and change. Talking about our issues and understanding our feelings paves the way to becoming more aware of the source of our struggles and painful feelings. This awareness allows us to perceive and create options in our lives, of which the child or adolescent may not have been aware. It focuses on finding ways to deal more effectively with feelings, behaviors, relationships, and life’s challenges.

Within the first few sessions, you and the psychologist will come to a mutual understanding of the goals for treatment. After this point, the sessions will become less like an interview; you talk about whatever is on your mind. The psychologist will listen and help you identify patterns of thinking, feeling, and interacting that may be contributing to your current struggles. Deeper awareness and new insights stimulate psychological growth and change.

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