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Services we offer at Psychologie Praktijk Sisu

Psychologie Praktijk Sisu is here to ensure you sees exceptional care, compassion and results that ensure happiness and a higher quality of life for your young and growing child or adolescent. From a wide range of therapies designed to solve a wider array of problems, we offer effective therapy solutions and care that you and your child can count on.

Parental Guidance

Parenting isn’t always an easy job. We all experience moments of uncertainty about how to balance


Education about a condition is relevant not only to the individual with the problem, but also


Knowledge is power, Which is why we help the our people by giving them the necessary knowledge.

Remote Advice

We know that you have a busy schedule which is why we offer you online therapy.

Hello, I’m Achanty

Hello, I’m Achanty

MSc child & Adolescent Psychologist

I am convinced that education has a lot of influence on the wellbeing of the children.
As a psychologist it’s my job help children archive their identity.
I am convinced that as a parent sometimes you may think that you can’t keep going and want to give up. I’m here to tell you that you are not alone.

Hello, I’m Achanty
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About us

In Addition to our commitment towards advantages are :

We offer specialized assessment, diagnostic and treatment services for your child or teenager. We pledge to use only tools and strategies that have been researched and found to be effective.

  • Individual educational Guidance to parents/ Educators
  • Kids/Adolescent Therapy
  • Workshops
  • “Psycho education”
  • Remote advice

General Questions

You can sign up via phone: +5999 520 7125 by calling our number, via email to :info@www.psychologiepraktijk-sisu.com of fill in the form on our site requesting for a consultation.

Intake: when you contact us, we offer a free consultation. After we acquire information of the family, education and relationship between other family members we can make an analysis.
Based on the information that is acquired a plan will be made together with the family to create a solution.

When you call us we give you information regarding the cost since it varies depending on the case.

Individual therapy sessions with a child entails meeting initially with the parents to discuss concerns, followed by working one-on-one with the child to commence therapy and target such concerns. We ensure that parents are involved in individual therapy sessions and inform parents at the end of each session about the skills being taught and strategies that can be implemented in the home environment in order to assist their children.

Individual therapy sessions with an adolescent also entails meeting initially with the parents alone or with the adolescent to discuss concerns. This is often followed by conducting future sessions with adolescents only. This is because they have the ability to independently learn the skills discussed in session and apply strategies to manage their concerns. It is also because they are more likely to engage in private and confidential therapy.

Individual therapy is useful in a number of ways:

  • Ensures that the entire focus is on the child/adolescent and family concerns
  • Assists our psychologists in tailoring strategies and skills for individual needs
  • Provides a ‘safe place’ and outlet for children and adolescents to share their thoughts and feelings in non-judgmental and confidential environment.

Our Team

Our team dedicate themselves to take car of you and your family members by providing you with services.

Achanty Damice-Thomasa

MSc in Child & Adolescent Psychology

The Best thing In Psychology Treatment

Research shows that the therapeutic relationship is very important to treatment outcome. Our unique matching process helps to ensure a good match between the psychologist and your child or adolescent.

why choose us

We ensure that every client is provided with the best attention and care.

We ensures that high quality services are delivered by selectively because we have extensive experience in diagnosis and treatment of a range of childhood and adolescent difficulties including behavioral, emotional, social, developmental and psychological issues. We provide expert opinion regarding a range of childhood and adolescent difficulties and children presenting with multiple diagnoses.

About Us

Certified Consellors

We have certified Psychologist to help you.

Well Conselling

We know what we are doing and have years of experience.

Emergency Care

When you have an emergency we are at your service.

Remove Depression

We help you deal with depression.

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Psychologie Praktijk Sisu gives proficient therapy for children and adolescent.

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